About the word Shekinah

The word Shekinah (shuh-kigh-nuh) means dwelling. It refers to the visible manifestation of the presence (or Shekinah Glory) of God. A luminous cloud. It is the very presence of God on earth. (see Holy Bible-Exodus 24:9-18)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"More from our Lowman Loop Drive"

The image above shows what's left of the haze to burn off with the scenic mountains above and below the haze. The blue sky and sunshine was a welcome sight for us since it's been hazy for a while down in the valley.

We saw several deer that day. They are always on alert, but I got off a couple of shots to bring home. They weren't too threatened since I was shooting from inside the vehicle.

We saw several eagles. I took the above image when we pulled over to let another car pass. Another bald eagle landed in a tree just to the left of this one and then they both flew off. I sure wish I had a longer and faster lens for shots like this. Someday I'll be able to take awesome shots of eagles in the wild.

Here's another one of the trees that I converted to black and white.

More deer up on the hillside. I believe we mainly saw white-tailed deer. We saw some wild turkeys crossing the road, but I didn't get any shots of those. Maybe next time.

More hoar frost by the side of the road. There's more story and images from this trip under the blog entry entitled, "Frozen-in black and white."

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