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The word Shekinah (shuh-kigh-nuh) means dwelling. It refers to the visible manifestation of the presence (or Shekinah Glory) of God. A luminous cloud. It is the very presence of God on earth. (see Holy Bible-Exodus 24:9-18)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First "On My Own" Images

What a busy summer I've had. Two straight weeks of shooting just for this film. Far more shooting than post processing going on. I can't believe how much I have to do and we start another year of homeschooling tomorrow.

I've begun going through photos from the shoot for the independent, family film, "On My Own" due to premiere next summer. These shots were taken for the premiere program and DVD cover. I'm not sure which shots the director will use, exactly, or if she'll want them to be in color or black & white though.

Meet John, aka Arronn, one of the movie characters. John is serious and mysterious . I love the shirt and belt combo, and the hat nicely completes the his character's look.

Meet Captain Gaunt, aka Robert, another one of our male characters. I just loved the costumes for this film, designed by the director and made by two volunteer seemstresses. Robert pulls off this bad guy character beautifully.

Hopefully, I'll have more images from the movie to post soon. Stay tuned...

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