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The word Shekinah (shuh-kigh-nuh) means dwelling. It refers to the visible manifestation of the presence (or Shekinah Glory) of God. A luminous cloud. It is the very presence of God on earth. (see Holy Bible-Exodus 24:9-18)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"MK Nature Center"- Part 1

Allow me to introduce you to The Morrison Knudsen Nature Center. It is a 4.6 acre site by the greenbelt near downtown Boise.

The pond is a lovely place to view many species of birds and wildlife. There are viewing blinds throughout the park to give visitors a spot to quietly observe without disturbing the wildlife that abounds.

It offers a unique fish and wildlife experience to visitors. Below are the beaver dams, found along the stream walk within the center.

In the viewing exhibit below the water level of this waterfall, you are treated to window views of many fish and even a nursery.

Many birds and small animals reside in the snags located around the center.

The Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden provides a variety of plants and flowers to learn about as you stroll along the pathway.

The center is truly a special place to experience many of Idaho's wildlife and landscapes. From Alpine lakes to High Desert and don't forget the vistor's center at the entrance of the Nature Center. For more information Click Here.
Be sure to come back for Pt. 2 of this amazing place as my camera's focus will be on the wildlife and animals themselves that reside in this beautiful habitat. In the meantime, you can see more photos HERE.

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